HWMonitor 1.49

HWMonitor is a hardware monitoring program that reads PC systems health sensors
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The basic version of HWMonitor, developed by CPUID, is an extremely useful and easy to use utility that allows the user to monitor the readings of a variety of sensors located in your motherboard. Depending on the hardware configuration the user possesses, and the sensors their motherboards come with, HWMonitor is able to display the readings of temperature sensors, voltage sensors, and fans speeds, which allow the user to monitor the physical state of hard drives, CPU, video cards, etc.

Apart from giving the live readings of the sensors, the program keeps a record of the maximum and minimum values of these readings since HWMonitor started running. This allows the user to compare the live readings with the highest and lowest values, thus being able to better see the state the component in question is. Together with this, the user is able to save this data in order to use these values again when the program is launched later.

All in all, HWMonitor is a very useful and easy-to-use program that will surely help users solve some issues they may have with their computers, or at least clarify if the temperatures of their hardware components are affecting their work or not. Of course, there exists the problem that it is not compatible with all motherboards, but it does cover the most used ones.

Gianfranco Grillo
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  • Easy to use
  • Does what it says perfectly


  • Does not support all hardware
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